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Language Games

Diminish is a word finding puzzle that can be used in a classroom or adult rehab setting.
A fun game for grades 1 to 3, Chunks consists of 140 durable plastic tiles showing the most frequent onsets (beginnings of one syllable words) and rimes (endings of one syllable words) for practice and fun in word building.
A photocopiable workbook, covering the simple part of the alphabetic code, multi-syllable words and common suffixes. Focusing on specific areas of difficulty, such as medial vowels, vowel sound confusion and practice of high frequency words.<br><br>A fun and engaging game and a versatile resource for the busy classroom and SEN teacher. Includes free Acrylic Arrow Spinner.
Talisman Cards are a collection of ten decks of beautifully illustrated cards students can use to play a fast-paced game that gives them plenty of phonic skills practice.