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High Interest Topics - Scary Stories Fiction

Weird things keep happening in Middleton. Teens in this town must escape from what feels like nightmares caused by unexpected strangers, dangerous "accidents," and other spooky events. Twists and turns will keep readers on the edge of their seats as they wait to see how these teens survive.
Hauntings is a set of five ghost stories involving different characters (juveniles and adults) in modern times who experience supernatural events and are drawn into finding out what is behind them.
Young people find their limits - and hidden strengths - when they are faced with dangerous situations in the outdoors.
Salem witches, werewolves, ghostly soldiers, and other members of the undead populate these five tales of horror geared to middle school and high school readers.
Now your students can learn the answers to important questions such as where dragons live, what orcs eat, and how gnomes spend their free time! Features an engaging, easy-to-use reference guide format, and also includes fun quizzes to challenge readers on their knowledge.
These interactive tales of life-and-death adventure give readers the chance to choose the plot twists and ending to each story. In the process they learn about survival techniques for dangerous situations.
From dawn to dusk, the School Bus of Horrors rumbles along city streets and down country roads, searching for another passenger. It looks like any other bus, yellow, black markings, and dirty windows. But BEWARE! Step aboard and experience the ride of your life, or the last ride you'll ever take!