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4th Grade and Above Featured Readers

These classic novels have been adapted and designed for struggling readers, while retaining the tone and plot of the original work.
History is full of spectacular adventures, discoveries, victories, and also epic failures. Each book features short humorous stories about a variety of historical events within a specific subject (War, Advertising, Invention, Exploration, Diplomacy).
Now your students can learn the answers to important questions such as where dragons live, what orcs eat, and how gnomes spend their free time! Features an engaging, easy-to-use reference guide format, and also includes fun quizzes to challenge readers on their knowledge.
Avalanches tear down mountains. Tsumanis drown towns. Magma flows through homes. Throughout history the world has faced many natural disasters. With engaging text and photos, students will learn about the world’s worst, and some helpful tips needed to survive them
This set takes readers back to times when conditions were very different from today. Engaging text, period photos and illustrations, and primary source excerpts bring each era to life.
An appealing way to bring history to life in your classroom. Examine important events that shaped the history of the United States and the World.
These interactive tales of life-and-death adventure give readers the chance to choose the plot twists and ending to each story. In the process they learn about survival techniques for dangerous situations.
Super Scientist Max Axiom is back in action with these nonfiction graphic novels. Max uses his super powers to demonstrate and explore science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts in ways never before experienced in the classroom.
Inspire future scientists and engineers with dozens of amazing experiments and activities. Super Scientist Max Axiom hosts a collection of kid-friendly projects related to chemical reactions, forces and motion, mechanical engineering, and structural engineering.
Real Heroes of Sports presents the inspiring true stories showing young fans the best side of sports.
Graphic novel format paired with gripping stories of history's most compelling disasters make these books true page-turners.
New! One day life was going on as usual. Then something shocking happened that forever marked the nation. 4th-5th grade readability.
New! History meets science in these books about famous events. 4th-5th grade readability.
These engaging 32-page biographies teach students about historical figures, and are great for primary and secondary students.
These timeless classics are now offered at two different reading levels. The covers are virtually identical, but the versions at the lower reading level have larger type and more white space. Now all your students can enjoy classic literature!
Max Axiom is the ultimate science teacher. Watch him demonstrate and explain scientific concepts in a cool way.
Esports employ many of the characteristics 'regular' sports have: team strategy, quick reflexes, great defense, and amazing hand-eye coordination.
These 4 sets of quick readsjust 32 pages eachare packed with excitement from beginning to end. These hi-lo paperback novels contain a variety of themes to appeal to all of your struggling readers!
These 4 sets of quick readsjust 32 pages eachare packed with excitement from beginning to end. These hi-lo paperback novels contain a variety of themes to appeal to all of your struggling readers!
Get them excited about reading with inspiring content-area topics they'll want to learn about. Each book features engaging layouts, TIME for Kids content, high-interest photographs, informational text, vocabulary, and sidebars.
Be amazed at these nonfiction books featuring engaging TIME for Kids content. These high-interest books are designed to help build comprehension skills with cross-curricular content, challenging informational text, and key vocabulary.
Introduce literature with these classic tales retold, with attractive color illustrations.