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Offer a fun and natural progression in reading with colorful books that feature content from TIME for Kids, and science and social studies themes. Children will want to read these books that include familiar concepts, informational text, and a variety of colorful graphics.
Prepare readers for more challenging text with these books that are sure to motivate even the most reluctant reader. Each book introduces new vocabulary, diagrams, and graphics combined with informational text.
Provide a transition to upper level reading and motivate discovery with inspiring science and social studies topics. Each book features TIME for Kids content with informational text, and high-quality photos and graphics.
Get them excited about reading with inspiring content-area topics they'll want to learn about. Each book features engaging layouts, TIME for Kids content, high-interest photographs, informational text, vocabulary, and sidebars.
Be amazed at these nonfiction books featuring engaging TIME for Kids content. These high-interest books are designed to help build comprehension skills with cross-curricular content, challenging informational text, and key vocabulary.